Hi!  I'm Rebecca! 

I am a passionate, organized, and results driven Interior Designer that works with busy professionals to create beautiful homes.

I love helping those with demanding schedules that appreciate that I have a process and will get it done.

I will find out the style and direction of your space, and develop a plan that  will work best. I am an organizing expert! So, you will always know what to expect from me. I pay attention to detail, so nothing is missed. I have been in this field long enough to know the best resources out there to solve your problems.  I am hands on and know construction processes to give you the best information. And finally, I will show you how your space will look so you can see the vision of my design and how I see your space.


Kitchen design and renovation

The heart of every home is the Kitchen and this room has my heart! As a Kitchen Designer, I am looking at the standard codes and best business practices from the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). Specializing in this Niche has allowed me to become familiar with industry partners and reputable contractors. Going to the industry show KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) has allowed me to be current and create the best design solutions in the market.  


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Bathroom Design and renovation


The bathroom is that room where we can truly unwind and feel refreshed. I love designing Bathrooms that feel luxurious and make my client's feel pampered. Since everything in a bathroom affects the whole room, having a detailed plan and knowing all the moving parts is essential. I have a step by step process to make sure my clients LOVE the room designed for them! Using the NKBA guidelines and practices assures that I have my client's best interests in mind.

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