The Design Process

Interior Design is a collaboration of details. i work closely with our clients along side architects, artists, craftsman, and builders to bring about the best possible solution for your space.

Here is my 7 step process:

 1. Initial Consultation

You and I will get together to chat about your vision for the project. We’ll decide design direction and project goals, how you want things to function and feel. Then I will provide a detailed scope of work and project timeline.

 2. Schematic Design

In schematic design I research and present ideas that create your concept.Drawing up floor plan options, making sure the room will function perfectly to your unique way of living. I present my ideas through a selection of finishes, sketches, and reference imagery. We then work together to make sure we are good with design direction and the room’s function before moving on.

 3.Design Development

In this phase the design details of the space are created with floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings. This way you will be able to visualize as accurately as possible. Together we select your furniture, finishes, lighting, and accessories. You’ll receive a preliminary drawing package with a clear design intent at the completion of this stage. Once I have your feedback, we will move on to construction documentation.

 4. Documentation

This is where we submit our ideas with a solid drawing package for your project to be built out. Design lies in the details. So we map out how materials meet, how joinery is crafted, and junctions are resolved. We then send you’re your drawings to codes and facilitate negotiations with builders acting as your agents. We make changes as necessary and push for the best possible outcome for your budget.

 5. Installation

Once your project is being built, I will take on an admin role.  Here I work close with Builders and tradesmen and track progress to our timeframes and documentation. I will attend regular site meetings and approve samples. Once the work is complete, a punch list will be complied to make sure the finished work is crafted beautifully.

 6. Finishing Touches

The Final stage is where the project comes together. Your collection of furniture, art, and accessories are curated to represent your personality into the spaces that will frame your life. While this sounds like fun, it is a big task. The entire project is organized in an Online Design Studio. Products, Estimates, and orders are tracked with detail systems to make sure we get everything we need to not only build the project out but finish it as well.

 7. Project Complete! Time to celebrate!

You new Space is complete and I want to celebrate with you!