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This is a turn-key design experience, bringing your office, store, or restaurant from concept to completion. We are a professionally trained design team that will cover all the details for your project. Our power house design team will pull you through every step of the way with concept, planning, sourcing solutions, drawings, documentation, ordering all product, and overseeing the construction & final details.


Rebecca is flexible in coordinating projects in a way that works with my schedule. She is efficient and organized. She is a can-do person who sees a solution for every design challenge. She has a way of making projects manageable and less intimidating.” 

This is for you if...

You are a busy professional that needs a design team to put together a complete concept and design for your business

You don’t have a creative bone in your body, but want a place that will cater to your ideal client and your company culture

You want a design team that can produce the proper documentation and drawings that contractors can build from

You live in or near Nashville, TN. And want a designer to be your advocate and help manage the overall project

Your project will be designed by professionally trained interior designers

What to expect from the finishes, furniture, and materials going into your project

That you are aware of the latest innovations and materials

The project will have the perfect arrangement & flow for a harmonious environment 

The overall design direction will reflect your company culture and ideal client



• Relieved that you have a design team taking care of all the details

• Assured that your project will have a distinct look and design

• Thrilled that brand will be reflected and your ideal client will love it

you'll feel:

Your Investment

There is a lot of work that goes into a space designed for the public and we make sure every code and detail are considered. The place to begin is set up our complimentary discovery call. We can talk through your project and design goals to get a clear view of your scope. Once we review the building plans, we will provide you a flat rate with payment plan so you can know your all in number for design services.

We team up with the guys at Four Square architecture to give you a cohesive and complete design team for your new commercial design project. While we will work off of any plans you already have, this team is top notch with our highest recommendation. We work with Four Square on new construction, commercial design, and Entire Neighborhood builds. Our collaboration really give you a powerhouse team with the best results for your project.

We also offer a branding package with our professionally trained graphic designer to design logo and product branding materials. This can be a perfect pairing with our Commercial Interior design projects. On our discovery call we will talk further about your goals in relation to our offerings.

Commercial design projects have a lot of moving parts and pieces.

we have great partnerships!

we can also help you with branding!


Starting at

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Design Process

We believe in a very organized approach to pulling your design project together. We want this to be a great experience for you and to serve you well.
This is our signature process.

You are hungry for change. You want solutions for your environment and you are gathering information. Every project starts with a Discovery Call to see how we can help serve you best.  

It is essential to have a direction and a plan. We develop a conceptual design, creative ideas, and plan options that will make the best use of space and portray your company's  overall vision, mission, and culture.

You need someone who will save you time and money. We cultivate solutions for your project based on costs, outcome, and your brand. We make sure the space reflects your company culture and the needs of your ideal client.

The result is a beautiful, functional, and custom place designed for your brand and your ideal customer.
We will make sure every detail is executed to our specification.
We can also give you a branding package to go along with your new Space. 

You want to to know that every layer is carefully thought through and executed correctly. We wrap all the details with care to make sure everything will be built to our specifications. A lot goes on behind the scenes that we make sure is built right. We help you through the waiting. (Even when it seems like nothing is happening).

Hungry for change

need a plan

design solutions


wrapping the details

Good Design doesn’t happen overnight.  We want to carefully consider your space, the design direction, and protect your investment.” 

-Rebecca Robinson


We start with a creative session to learn how we could plan the space better for your needs, to learn your likes and dislikes, and get clear on design goals. From this meeting we go back to our studio to put together a design concept for your project. With a clear direction, we will all know where we are going. 

you ask.  we answer.


Once you are on our project schedule, The design phase of : concept, planning and final selections takes 9-15 weeks We will give you a proposal with exact times for your specific project. For commercial design, your builder will need to provide the lead time based on codes, inspections, and lead time on labor & material. We know that you are excited to get your project going. So, we work hard on the front-end planning and preparing for every detail, so the build process can go as seamlessly as possible. 

you ask.  we answer.

HOW WILL I KNOW the cost of materials? 

If you do not have a contractor, We will set up a second visit with one of our trusted builders to get the estimates and costs for your specific project. While we may not know the exact finishes and fixtures at that time, we can get you a ballpark and budget for your project from this meeting. We will source based on this budget.

you ask.  we answer.


No. While we have vetted our builders and have lasting relationships, there is no pressure to work with them. However, we know their quality of work and can stand behind the end result. 
If you choose a contractor on your own, we just ask that they be licensed in their field. We also require that they sign our design/construction agreement so that you have your design & construction team working seamlessly together. We love meeting new and talented trades! We just want to make sure they take great care of you and that your project is built to specification. 

you ask.  we answer.


Yes, of course!
This type of project has a level of service that can only be met if we are able to be in person. We can travel anywhere in the United States and can provide a project ballpark for design services and travel time. 

you ask.  we answer.

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