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You want a Kitchen that is well thought out. You want to know that you have everything laid out in the best way to function your specific needs, that it will flow with the rest of the house, and reflect your individual style and taste.

You want it done right!

Rebecca Robinson is a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer (CKBD) and a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). When designing a Kitchen, she works to keep industry standards and codes to have your best interest. We make sure to attend the Kitchen & Bath Industry shows (KBIS) to be up to date on everything new in the market. Working in this field, we have the contractors, trades, and venders who specialize in Kitchens to make sure your project runs smoothly and we have everything we need to put the vision into reality. Are you ready to get the Kitchen of your dreams? Our goal is to make your experience a great one. 

— Lauren c.

"Rebecca was super knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant to work with from start to finish! She guided us very well through our first renovation project- we were very green to the process. Working with her to make what felt like a million selections for paint, tile/grout, lighting, countertops, appliances, etc. for our project wound up very fun and not the stressful task I thought it was going to be. We've recommended Monarch Lane to friends- one of them is currently working with Rebecca on their kitchen as well. We love our new kitchen and the experience of working with the ladies of Monarch Lane!"

This is for you if...

Your kitchen is stuck in another time and everything is outdated

You want to fix up this room so you will be able to host the next party

You need a designer who specializes in this area to help you protect your investment

You struggle to put things together and need someone to help

You live in or near Nashville, TN. And want a designer to be your project advocate

That your project will be held to the NKBA guidelines to protect your investment

What to expect from the finishes and fixtures going into your home

That you are aware of the latest innovations and materials

How this room can function better for your needs- no matter the level of remodel.



• Relieved that you have a design team taking care of all the details

• Assured that you have an advocate who makes sure it’s built as designed
• Excited that you are getting the Kitchen that will make your heart skip a beat!

you'll feel:

What you Get

the deliverables

01. design direction -mood board

 Every good design starts with capturing what you want the mood to be for your space. After our meeting you & collecting your project and design goals, we cultivate a design direction. This not only leads our design, but is referred to throughout the entire project.

02. floor plan concepts

We explore possible layouts for your new Kitchen making sure that everything is functional and flows together. We apply different design concepts from the mood board to connect style and function.

03. material selections

04. deep dive into each cabinet

We shop with and for you to put together all material selections needed in your Remodeling & Refresh projects. We will discuss quality, sustainability, and aesthetic, making sure everything works together with color, style, and design.

We attend regular site visits to ensure that the project is being built as designed and to be your advocate throughout the process.

In our Kitchen Remodeling projects, we want to go cabinet by cabinet and make sure that we have planned for everything that goes in your Kitchen. We will organize zones, beginning at the floor plan stage, and then talk through each cabinet and what will be inside. Momma always said, "it was what was inside that counts," and we know you will be delighted with the accessories and tools that support your life & elevate your daily experience.

We put together a final plan set based on our design and the materials & selections. This will help your contractor to build your project out and for you to be able to visualize the your new Kitchen.

5. plan set to build from

6. site visits

kitchen remodel

This is our Full Service Design Package that carries your project from concept to completion! There are a lot of details in a Kitchen Remodel and we are here to help you get the Kitchen of your dreams!


Signature Design Package

Kitchen Remodel

The way to begin is to schedule a Discovery Call so we can talk about your project and make sure we are a good fit!

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Design Process

We believe in a very organized approach to pulling your design project together. We want this to be a great experience for you and to serve you well.
This is our signature process.

You are hungry for change. You want solutions for your environment and you are gathering information. Every project starts with a Discovery Call to see how we can help serve you best.  

It is essential to have a direction and a plan. We develop a conceptual design, creative ideas, and plan options that will make better use of your space and update your investment. We work to understand your wants, needs, and your personal style.

You need someone who will save you time and money. We cultivate solutions for your project based on costs, outcome, and your unique way of living. Bringing food for your soul and your environment.

The result is a beautiful, functional, and custom space built for you! We define luxury by an environment and its surroundings that elevate the way you live. Your space has been transformed! It is time to celebrate!! We can even help you pull together the finishing touches to organize and accentuate the design.

You want to  know that every layer is carefully thought through and executed correctly. We wrap all the details with care to make sure everything will be built to our specifications. A lot goes on behind the scenes that we make sure is built right. We help you through the waiting. (Even when it seems like nothing is happening).

Hungry for change

need a plan

design solutions


wrapping the details


Good Design doesn’t happen overnight.  We want to carefully consider your space, the design direction, and protect your investment.” 

-Rebecca Robinson


We start with a creative session to learn how we could plan the space better for your needs, to learn your likes and dislikes, and get clear on design goals. From this meeting we go back to our studio to put together a design concept for your project. With a clear direction, we will all know where we are going. 

you ask.  we answer.


The design phase where all the planning and preparing takes place takes is 12 weeks starting at your kickoff meeting. The transformation of your space has a lot to do with the level of construction you are needing. For a Kitchen remodel with our trades doing the work, an average Kitchen remodel is 7-9 weeks. We know that a remodel is a disruption to your everyday life, so we make sure to have everything ordered and ready before we begin. We also work with trades that stay on a specific timeline that we all agree on. 

you ask.  we answer.


We will set up a second visit with our trades to get the estimates and costs for your specific project. While we may not know the exact finishes and fixtures at that time, we can get you a ballpark and budget for your project from our trade day. 

you ask.  we answer.


No. While we have vetted our trades and have lasting relationships, there is no pressure to work with them. However, we know their quality of work and can stand behind the end result. 
If you choose the tradesmen on your own, we just ask that they be licensed in their field. We also require that they sign our design/construction agreement so that you have your design & construction team working seamlessly together. We love meeting new and talented trades! We just want to make sure they take great care of you and that your project is built to specification. 

you ask.  we answer.


Yes, of course!
This type of project has a level of service that can only be met if we are able to be in person. We can travel anywhere in the United States and can provide a project ballpark for design services and travel time. 

you ask.  we answer.

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