Coffee Chat

you wanna pick my brain? You have design questions and need to talk.

Thinking of becoming a designer or decorator?


I have lots of experience training and leading a design and sales team. I have led groups from moms groups to various volunteer boards. I started my Interior Design business in 2006 and continue to build client and trade relationships. If you are just beginning this journey, I have developed a workbook for aspiring designers to coach and train you in the right direction for your design goals.

Want to get advice on your design DIY project and just want to talk it through?

Inside this package is a questionnaire that will help me to prepare best for our meeting. And then of course you can – pick away and ask me advise on your project or room. You might have pictures of your project, pintrest boards accumulating endless items you hoped would help you nail a design direction, Or you might have finishes, fabrics, and paints to get advice on.

Inside this package you will also get to choose from 3 local coffee shops to the Nashville, TN area. We will meet for 45 minutes and I am confident that you will leave inspired and ready to rock this new year in your home and with your design goals!