Color Consultation

Color Consultation


You love your home, but need some advice on the best colors to use, what paints go together, and what colors to bring into your room…

A COLOR CONSULTATION might be what you are looking for!

Stop worrying about what will go together with your decor. You don’t have to buy 5 tester paints and cover your wall with blotches. You can get clear on what colors will work through my time tested evaluations and methods. Whether you are into Neutrals or like bright and bold, I am able to work you into the perfect palette for you!

what a color consultation includes:

  • An In-Home consultation for 90 minutes of color consulting.

  • On the spot paint selections for any rooms you need help with.

  • Paint worksheets with your swatches and color palette.

  • A color analysis sent to you via email with more details on your color palettes and what will work best with them and your decor.

  • A link to schedule your Color Consultation.