General Budget Direction:

How would you describe your lifestyle?

How would you define your personal Style?

Do you prefer patterns or layering solids?

What patterns are you most drawn to?

What elements are you most drawn to?

Are you interested in using environmentally friendly (Green) materials if it is possible?

Do you prefer your seating to be….

In respect to the color used, would you like this room to exude a sense of calm or energize?

Which hand do you favor?

Which hand does your partner favor?

Would you like to display collections that you have acquired over the years; art ceramic, pottery, etc.?

Which of the following do you require of window treatments?

Which do you prefer for dressing the windows?

What type of rugs do you prefer?

What is your “Ideal” timeline for your project?

Homework Time!

Once you have a login for my Online Studio, you will want to share some of your inspirational photos. Within each space we are working on, there is a project information tab. There you can load inspiration pictures for your project. They can come from Houzz, Pintrest, or anywhere!  Those photos will be incredibly valuable to communicate your design tastes to me. Pictures say 1,000 words!  No matter how different the photos may seem, I can find the common thread you are attracted to and bring that to the project.