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You didn’t get into Interior Design because you love the business side. You are naturally creative and you love designing amazing rooms! But if this is not a hobby and you don’t want to be the starving artist, you HAVE to take care of the business side.

Do you want an organized business that gives you joy? You want to make sure you have a detailed process to follow so you are not constantly reinventing the wheel with each new project?
You need some clear direction and one on one coaching from Rebecca!


"Rebecca has been working with me for almost a year to help me improve on the processes and structure of my interior design business. Her approach is a clear step by step method that provides a beneficial and a pleasant experience for my clients. She has helped me to gain confidence in myself as a design professional and as the leader of my design team. This has helped me to find more profit in my business, have time to achieving my career goals and keep a work/home balance. This process is one that is not only beneficial to me but those I work with daily in the design industry."

Mentor Consultation

The Mentor Consultation is meant to work on the things you need help with right away!

We can talk through the most pressing Design Business challenges that you are facing and put real ideas and strategies to put into action.

When you purchase the Mentoring session, you will receive access to our design studio where you will be able to schedule the session and answer our questionnaire. This helps us to see what areas you need guidance  and what priorities to give on our call.
We can video chat on zoom, where we can share ideas on our screen OR we can simply talk over the phone. Whatever you prefer!

helping you have a joyful business

1-hour session


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This is for you if...

You need ideas - on the spot for a client or project dilemma

You feel overwhelmed, like you are always going in circles in your business

Your projects are running you instead of you running the project.

You don’t feel organized and every job is different.

Clarity for any design client dilemma

Ideas that can improve your systems and organization

Real strategies for working with clients

Back end business help to bring harmony to your business

in just 1 hour of coaching

you'll walk away with

*Relieved that you have a mentor in your corner  

*Excited for the possibilities of running a joyful business

*Assured that you are investing in the things that will make your business run smoothly

you'll feel:

i'm ready to have a mentor!

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” 

-Zig Ziglar

With over 20 years experience in this field and countless remodeling and construction projects, Rebecca has a conversation with Luann Niagara from A WELL DESIGNED BUSINESS about working well with contractors. This episode focuses on providing value and building the relationships that serve both the designer and the client

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